First Bulgarian trаnsistor radio

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First Bulgarian trаnsistor radio

от Антон Оруш » Пет Мар 07, 2014 9:56 am

audiodekan Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 02:59

I interested in history of early transistor radios. I'm looking for informations about a first bulgarian transistor radio. It was Progress? I need a nice pictures and diagram. Can you help me?
Regards, a.

mityo krika Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 10:56

That is Progress

With Friench transistors.... ... _fr_tr.pdf
...And with Cesz transistors ... _ch_tr.pdf

audiodekan Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 14:27

Thanks Mityo!
I have a three questions:
- when and who the Progres produced?
- have anybody better pictures of this radio?
- radio with french transistors was an earlier version?
Regards, a.

dragon_hifi Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 15:38

1. "Progres" prodused in Veliko Tarnovo city-in ZMR-Zavod Malki Radioaparati-(factory for smoll radios).
2.I have, butI will publish fotos later.
3.Yes, that is early(first) version
Best Regards

audiodekan Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 16:31

Dragon, do you know when The Progres was produced?

lnl90 Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 16:48

audiodekan написа:

Dragon, do you know when The Progres was produced?

In early 60s.

audiodekan Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 18:05

Thanks inl90, but I need a detailed info...

mityo krika Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 20:27

Can you tell a story? I think it would help you.
In the late 50s in the mountains in southwestern Bulgaria Osogovo boiling hard elektrifikation.In this mountain in a small village lived my grandmther`s parents.Her father was very poor but progressive man.When he heard about it he was the first man in the vilage whose house had elektric instalacion.In 1960 bought a Bulgarian radio tubes Melody 2.And he wited.After about six months and plan for electrification has not yet been ready.Than he went to the mayor and he asked her what was happening.The mayor bothered to explain him the situation because he was a member of the party and his personal friend.He said that the lampposts that are unable to reach his village because of the rough terrain towards it.Than he was furious, gave all his money for the radio, but now he wasn`t been able to play music on it.With bad mood, he went to the nearby town of Stanke Dimitrov.And there in a shop saw battery radio tubes Turist.After two days he bought with money borrowed from his brother.The Tourist was a real star in the village wore it work in the field, played constantly.But it was defective, rather money go to battery and often it was broken.The mayor of the village saw that.One day the mayor went to Sofia and was in a large department store there, and saw the first Bulgarian transistor radio.Than the mayor called the municipality in Frolosh and said to call my Grandpa.When he called told him he saw a small radio that is battery powered and is much more accurate ikonomic.It csts 80 leva, which were man.No quite what he had and he sent them to a record by mail that same day was the 8th September.This September was in 1965 year.Serial radio number is 925, hence the first radio Progress was made in 1965 year.On ninth in September 1965 radio Progress arrived in the village for the traditional Communist sabor.A electrification completed before 1967, two years after that.

audiodekan Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 22:15

The great story, mityo What a surprise! I did not think that it was so late...

origo Публикувано на: 15 Сеп 2011, 23:43

f you are so interested in transistor radios, do you know this model Philips: ... ideo_title
It's a great radio and I'm proud owner of it. But I don't know when it is manufactured. I know that my grandfather has bought it in 1971 when he was in Hungary but I don't know from which year is the model.

audiodekan Публикувано на: 16 Сеп 2011, 03:50

Sorry, origo I don't know this model. I interested in much older radios... Guys, I steel looking for exactly date of start the Progres production and nice pictures... I look forward to your help.

felicialx Публикувано на: 16 Сеп 2011, 05:04

Hi audiodekan, Progress was the first bulgarian transistor radio, but our first pocket 6 transistors radio was "ЕХО" /"ECHO"/. It was prodused in Sofia city since 1963. Here is some photos:

audiodekan Публикувано на: 19 Сеп 2011, 23:45

Is a chance that anybody knows something about your Progres?

origo Публикувано на: 20 Сеп 2011, 21:35

What do you want to know about Progres? I think that enought information was given allready. If you are asking where to buy Progres, I can't tell you.

Vladislav Публикувано на: 20 Сеп 2011, 21:56

No, Origo, your answer wasn't detailed enough. audiodekan wanted to know when the Progress was put into serial production, but it seems that we don't know the answer. I also hope that someone can publish nice detailed photos of it.

audiodekan Публикувано на: 20 Сеп 2011, 23:41

Exactly, Vladislav

What do you think, who knows a Progres history? Maybe spanish collectors? BTW: About a first polish transistor radio I know everything.
Regards, audiodekan.

Vladislav Публикувано на: 26 Сеп 2011, 16:59

eah, the thing is that the comonly available books apparently don't contain detailed info on the Bulgarian models of transistor radios, and nobody has published such info over the internet (or so I think). So someone has to go to a specialised library and try to dig up the history of this model. I'll try to find something when I have a little more time. May I ask you something else, audiodekan. I've seen a picture of a polish Bakelite radio - Diora Pionier. We have a similar model called Pioner. Can you tell me roughly when the Pionier was built. Thanks

audiodekan Публикувано на: 26 Сеп 2011, 17:32

Hi, Vladislaw. Look at this:

Yassen Публикувано на: 27 Сеп 2011, 13:17

Hello auduidekan, according to the only magazine for electronics of those times, "Radio and TV", Progress is produced by 1962. Here's what you wrote in number 11 of 1962:

"...The plant for production of small radios in the town of Turnovo has absorbed the production of the first bulgarian portable transistor radio Progress..."

Scanned pages from the magazine with detailed information and diagrams:

audiodekan Публикувано на: 27 Сеп 2011, 15:02

Yassen, thanks a lot I have a date and diagram. Guys, give me a nice picture else and I will "recede from view"

Well... I'm still looking for good pictures of this Progres. Have you another forum about old radios in Bulgaria?

gogoznaemnogo Публикувано на: 13 Окт 2011, 21:54

jeśli piszesz w języku polskim, wiele więcej kolegów zrozumie.
Bułgarskim i Polskim są bardzo podobne językach słowiańskich.
Mieszkałem w Polska i nadal mam wielu przyjaciół.
Napisz mi jaki są twoje RTV zainteresowanija, bo ja nie czytam angielski.

audiodekan Публикувано на: 13 Окт 2011, 22:59

Witaj. Moja prośba jest prosta. Szukam od dawna zdjęcia dobrej jakości waszego radia Progres. To pierwsze bułgarskie radio tranzystorowe.
Pozdrawiam, audiodekan.

dragon_hifi написа:
1. "Progres" produсed in Veliko Tarnovo city-in ZMR-Zavod Malki Radioaparati-(factory for smoll radios).
2.I have, butI will publish fotos later.
3.Yes, that is early(first) version
Best Regards

Hi guys!
I still have hope for pictures of your transistor radio Progres. I would like to write a short article about this radio. I have a diagram but I haven’t the good pictures of item. Could you help me?

Vladislav Публикувано на: 01 Май 2012, 01:29

Hi again, audiodekan! Since you posted this thread I've been actively looking for this radio, but unfortunately it seems to be a rather rare model. I've since found an Eho - another early Bulgarian transisitor radio, but alas, so far no trace of the Progress. Hopefully finally someone who has it will post decent photos.

PDM Публикувано на: 02 Май 2012, 18:51

Here photos of my Progres

audiodekan Публикувано на: 07 Май 2012, 18:37

PDM thanks a lot
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